Sunday, January 12, 2014

Editorial: Are the boss battles getting too easy?

Recently, I had a playdate with my best friend, and I asked him how we would defeat the Wither boss on our LAN world.

“Simple” he said.”We first use the Soul Cages mod to make a Wither Skeleton farm. Then I’ll make a forcefield, plonk the wither in it and BZZAP, 9,000 volts and an instant Nether Star for us!”
Then I asked him how we would kill the Ender Dragon.

“That’s harder” he said.”We’ll go to the End, and make a forcefield that things can come out of but can’t come in. Then we just arrow the Ender Dragon to death without him laying a wing on us.”

See what I mean?

This conversation was talking about defeating the vanilla bosses with FTB Ultimate installed. With some other mods out there, killing the bosses just needs redstone, machinery and mods. 

I’m thinking the boss battles are getting too easy with all these mods.

Maybe it’s because everyone has killed the Ender Dragon that they’re making more OP stuff. It’s even getting easier in Vanilla. Some Minecraft experts - Paul Soares Jr, for example - can defeat the Wither boss in under a minute without taking all that much damage. 
Also, there isn’t that much pride anymore in killing the Ender Dragon or the Wither. A dragon egg is pretty much just something to prove you killed the Ender Dragon without being called a liar.
A Beacon only gives its effects when you are really near it, and with all that light you won’t need to kill any monsters near it. Once again its only other use is to prove you killed the Wither without being called a liar.

Maybe Notch should add more reward in killing the bosses, because the problem is that there is not much pride in it any more.
Everyone’s done it-where’s the pride?

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