Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Parent's Guide to Minecraft

Recently, someone asked me about PC Minecraft. I'm sure there are many parents wondering about I proudly present:
A Parent's Guide To Minecraft!
Basic Minecraft:
Minecraft PC is a 3-D sandbox game. It is one of the very few games where you can do whatever you like with it-and you can also make goals and do challenges, plan and strategize in Survival. Minecraft is largely based on real life, with a few exceptions. Terrain is split up into Biomes. The biomes that have been in Minecraft for a long time are: Jungle, Swamp, Forest, Plains, Extreme Hills, Ice Plains, Taiga,Ocean, Desert and the sole unrealistic biome, Mushroom Island. If you are starting Minecraft now, you'll probably get these biomes added in: Mesa, Savvana, Sunflower Plains, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Flower  Forest, Mega Taiga, Extreme Hills+, Ice Plains Spikes, Deep Ocean.

Seed: A random number(occasionally a word) that can be entered upon creating a world, that tells the game what kind of world to make. Have a notepad ready for good ones!
Server: A world that allows others to play with each other remotely. Each server has an I.P- enter this in to add it to your server list.
L.A.N: A world that is like a server, but can be turned on for a Singleplayer World and only lets people in the Local Area Network. Good for playdates as it lets your kid chat to the other person instead of typing in chat.
Lag: This happens when the game has a lot to load and makes the game look less animated the worse it gets. if it gets too bad and the game can't handle it all, the game crashes.
Mod: A document that can be added onto Minecraft to make it different. Careful-some may be buggy.
A modpack is sometimes a complete different application to Minecraft, and is a whole load of similar mods bundled together.

Multiplayer can be a fickle thing. On one server you can look in the chat and see several swear words, on another it will be nothing but "I'll trade 10 such'n'such for 3 such'n'such". There are several types of Servers, one being PvP (Player Vs Player) where people battle of diamonds and valuables.  I don't really reccommend this unless it is a private server. A variation is Factions, where players form teams.  A very common type of server is a server full of Minigames. These are better than PvP but once again, a private server is better!
My advice is to ask a techspert friend of theirs to make a 'private server'. This type of server can only be accessed when the person who made the server is on it, and is quite safe.

Info! When a player in Survival gets damaged, they go red for a second. The same happens with mobs.

Creeper: A very frustrating creature that sneaks up behind you, hisses, then blows up.
Zombie: A green, humanoid creature that burns in the day.
Skeleton: A skeleton that fires arrows.It also burns in the day.
Ghast: A weeping jelly fish that fires fireballs at you.
Zombie Pigman: A humanoid pig (that drips slime) that gangs up on you.
Slime: A silly looking cube of jelly that splits into small Slimes when dead.
Blood and Gore has never, ever (and it never will) been featured in Minecraft.

So I hope, to all confused parents out, there, that I've explained what YOU need to know!

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  1. Your are a totally brilliant writer! Genius, and thank you so much for the post!