Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Most Popular Mods-the ups and downs

A lot of Minecrafters play modded Minecraft, and there are just some mods that are so popular, you'll never see a modpack without at least one of these mods in it. Here's the lowdown on the 5 most popular mods!

A mod that 'supposedly' is still a work in progress, but that's hard to believe. There are several dimensions and tons of mobs and blocks.
Pros: The mob ideas and models are great, and the dimensions look awesome.
Cons: Remember what I said about work in progress? The mod is buggy, with quite a few world-corrupting glitches. Even though the title is 'DivineRPG' there is little story to the mod. Some of the mobs added can destroy you while you're still punching wood.
A good idea is to defeat the ender dragon and get full diamond armor, then get DivineRPG.
Rating: 6/10

A mod that mimics the popular game Pokemon. This mod is the leading pawn in the legion of Pokemon-based mods.
Pros: Despite the title Pixelmon, the Pokemon textures are very high-definition. So are the models. The mod is very easy to use, and great for multiplayer.
Cons: Where are the move animations? Normally in Pokemon, a move like Bubble has pretty blue bubbles as its move animation. In Pixelmon, the Pokemon just leaps at the other. The only one they got right was Tackle.
With a texture pack ,it looks even more  like Pokemon. Best served with multiplayer.
Rating: 9/10


An amazingly in-depth mod that you can use easily.
Pros: Mining away a huge area? Check. Endless cobblestone? Check. Powerful armor? Check. this mod has everything.
Cons: For a beginner (like me) it's really confusing.
There are a lot of add-ons for this mod, like Gregtech.


MoCreatures aims to make Minecraft more realistic, by adding more peaceful mobs scattered around.
Pros: Nice textures, realistic models, and biome-specific spawning.
Cons: Not really that many.
Works good in a modpack. Try making a zoo!

A mod that adds magic. Yep, loads of other mods do that. But this one adds it in a different way to all the rest, which is nice.
Pros: The textures are awesome and there is a good story to it.The magic is great, but not OP.
Cons: Some of the features, again, can be a bit confusing.

All these mods are some of the most popular, but there are thousands more. Maybe, in the next version of Minecraft, a new mod will rise to the top.

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