Monday, September 1, 2014

What to do if... #1

What to do if...
you're outside at night on your first day

Don't blame yourself. Maybe there wasn't a tree for miles, or you took a little break and came back to find it was getting dark. But, of course, what do you do if you have no shelter?

 1.Find a good spot which is open to the sky, so zombies on top of your house will burn in the daytime.

2. Yes. I know. It's the Golden Rule of Minecraft being broken.
Dig straight down,with your fist. Only 3 blocks though. That'll be enough.

3.Dig out the area a little.

4. Finally, block up the top with the dirt you've collected. Cobblestone is just used as an example, the torch is just for visibility is the photo.

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